Bad Things Happen to Good People- Crisis Communication

I’m a sports fan.  I like watching Clemson football, basketball, and baseball, but I rarely watch ESPN unless my team is playing.  But more than a sports fan, I am a celebrity fan.  I enjoy watching E! and reading any trashy gossip magazines that I can get my hands on. 

While thinking of crisis communication, athletes and celebrities come to my mind first.  We all know about the Rihanna and Chris Brown abusive scandal that flooded the news over the past year and the horribly negative press that Chris Brown attracted after the incident.  While this is a key case that public relations practitioners can learn from, I feel as though it’s been over-analyzed and publicized. 

I wanted to find out more about a crisis that I was unfamiliar with, so I asked my friend, JD Burgess, to fill me in on some current athletic crises.  After telling me the background information on the Oakland Raider’s coach, Tom Cable, I decided to look into it more. 

I read a few articles that explained that Cable was accused of hitting assistant coach, Randy Hanson and breaking his jaw.  After the accusations, Cable’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriend both announced that he had abused them as well.  Cable confirmed that he slapped his ex-wife with an open hand after he found out that she committed adultery.  He admitted that it was the wrong thing to do and promised that he has regretted it ever since.  He publicly denied both allegations of battery on Hanson and his ex-girlfriend. 

Other assistant coaches stated that there was an argument between Cable and Hanson, but it was stopped by another coach pushing them apart.  That other coach pushed Hanson into a chair, which broke his jaw.      

The Raider’s organization is currently looking into what to do with the coach after the season is over.  A coach with domestic violence history doesn’t bring a positive image to the NFL or the Raiders.    

Do you think that Cable should do anything else to show that he regrets hitting his wife so long ago?  Do you think that Cable should be fired from coaching after the season? Why or why not? I want to hear your comments…

3 thoughts on “Bad Things Happen to Good People- Crisis Communication

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  2. Wow, that is a difficult situation. I think it is obvious that this situation would bring negative light to the team as well as the NFL itself. However, I think it’s difficult to make a decision because of the differing versions of the happenings in this instance. On one hand, Cable is accused of hitting his assistant coach and apparently has a history of violence according to two previous relationships, but his assistant coaches are vouching for him saying that the fight was broken up. I think it’s difficult to really FIRE him without having proof that the fight happened. Did the assistance coach that was supposedly hit release any statements? I think the NFL does need to take some sort of action against this situation, but I don’t know if they can fire him without having some sort of backlash on top of that because there was no evidence.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Casey. From what I’ve read, the major problem has been coming from women’s groups who are against domestic violence. Even though the violence with his ex-wife was so long ago, it still makes him, his team, and the NFL look bad. I think that he should make it his team’s philanthropy to fight domestic violence. I think that he should continue to apologize and speak publicly about how horrible domestic violence is. As for his assistant coach, I think that the truth will come to the surface soon and he will not be blamed for his broken jaw.

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