Research and Evaluation: Surveys

While reading about the public relations process, our book states that the steps include: research, analyze, communicate, and evaluate.  Chapter 7 of our book focuses mainly on step one of the public relations process: research.

Research is a main part of public relations because it helps gather information about an organizations’ publics before beginning a campaign.  One type of research that I believe works time and time again, is survey research.  Surveys provide organizations with what a minor part of the major portion of their publics think.  There are many types of surveys that can be distributed to an organizations’ publics.  Research Methods Knowledge Base lists and explains most of the different types of surveys that public relations professionals can use to research what interests their publics.

As technology increases and more social media sites are created, distributing and conducting surveys is becoming easier and easier.  With Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, surveys can be distributed within seconds.  A specific survey site that I’ve used is   This site allows you to conduct surveys and gives quick responses.  Another advantage of this survey service is that it gives the conductor a breakdown of the answers that are given in charts and graphs.  I recommend this site to any PRo’s who are planning on conducting a survey.


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