Well Known Companies on Twitter

For my stakeholder comm class, we were asked to look at 15 different well known companies and analyze their efforts on Twitter.  We were asked to look at what they tweet, how often they tweet, who do they follow, and the transparency of the Twitter account.  Out of all of the brands, I think that the Twitter account @SharpieSusan was one of the most effective.  @SharpieSusan was very transparent.  In her short bio, she briefly explains her goal of the Twitter account: Leading the charge on PRSM (public relations social media) at Sharpie.  Her following/followers ratio only differs by 100.

She tweets feedback about Sharpie to people who tweet her.


She also tweets about Sharpie ideas and products.


While most of her tweets are about Sharpie, what makes her seem more likable and personable are her tweets that don’t mention the brand.


I think that with her diverse tweets, good ratio of followers/following and transparency, @SharpieSusan is effectively using her Twitter account.


4 thoughts on “Well Known Companies on Twitter

  1. Madison! You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree that @SharpieSusan is a very effective Tweeter. I love the way she connects on both a business and personal level. Great post!

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  3. I completely agree with your sentiment on what makes @SharpieSusan an effective user of social media. When I think about corporations, brands, and even celebrities that use Twitter the most effective users update often, inform, and connect. By this I mean that there is a constant flow of communication with their audience and they offer substance in those messages that clearly connect their brand to their followers. As long as these users are upfront with their goals and intentions with such social media tools as Twitter, I think it is an incredibly effective and efficient tool that needs to be explored further. Great insight, Madison!

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