Twitter Search and Google Search

I have recently come across David Lano’s Blog and have been subscribing to it on my Google Reader.  Today, I read his blog that highlighted the differences between searching the Internet through Google and searching through Twitter Search.

The main point of his post was that with Google, you search to find out about a certain subject.  With Twitter Search, you search to find out how a certain subject is being talked about at that particular moment. We’ve tried using Twitter Search in my Stakeholder Comm class and have found it helpful while looking for internship advice and finding PRo’s to follow.  However, I have never even thought to search other things that I’m interested in to see the opinions of the Twitterverse.

An example that David uses is wanting to see what people are saying about the TV show “24”.  If he were to Google “24”, he may find more factual information than opinionated.  However, if he Twitter Searches “24”, he will find quick opinions of people in chronological order.


To try it out for myself, I Googled searched “The Bachelor”, my recent obsession over the past 5 weeks.  The first few sites that appeared were informational Web sites about the actual show and biographies about the most recent bachelor, Jason.  After Twitter Searching “The Bachelor”, I was able to read tweets about what people thought about how the show ended.  The tweets that appeared when searching “The Bachelor” also showed peoples’ opinions of Jason and the decisions that he made.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Search and Google Search

  1. Yes, twitter search is great for monitoring online conversation.. but you have to remember that twitter users opinions might not be representative of the overall’s public’s opinions. That being said, twitter search is a wonderful listening tool.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I agree that not all twitter users’ opinions don’t represent the whole public. Hopefully as more of the world joins Twitter, more opinions will be represented.

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