Real World PR- Resume Critique and Lunch

For session two of Real World PR, I chose to have my resume critiqued.  I spoke with Dave from MS&L in Atlanta.  He only had a couple of critiques.  I wrote mini paragraphs under my accompishments and leadership roles.  Instead, he said to put bullets with short sentences that were easier to read and understand.  I then was able to talk to Dave about his background, his company, and internships that MS&L offered.

After session two, we were treated to a nice lunch.  This time a PR professional, Meghann Gibbons from the Georgia Aquarium, joined us.  She was very open and answered all of our questions.

During lunch, Heather Oldani (Director, U.S. Communications, McDonald’s) spoke about how McDonald’s has jumped on the social media train.  Did you know that someone writes about McDonald’s every 5 seconds? mcdonShe talked about how social media is going to happen with you or without you.  It’s not going to stop because you don’t have time or you don’t want to try something new.  After realizing that McDonald’s needed to start using social media, they made a list that presented the key tips for learning social media:

  • Be strategic
  • Have a fun and informal tone
  • Be transparent
  • Leverage online and use traditional tactics
  • Create alignment among internal departments.

Heather then presented the foundation for success: media, insights, creativity, and communications.

Her presentation was very interesting because her company is a well known one and her situation of figuring out social media is probably one that is effecting many large companies throughout the world.

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