Free Flowers for Heart Day <3

Yesterday, as my friend and I sat on the benches in front of Daniel waiting for our class to start, I noticed that every girl that walked by was holding either a white or red carnation with a note attached.  When I got into class, I asked one of the girls if I could read the note that was attached to her flower.  On the note, it explained that with Valentine’s Day coming up, people are feeling many different emotions.  Some are feelings explained in the note are feelings of happiness or sadness, rejection or acceptance, and unattractive or beautiful.


After a paragraph explaining the possible emotions that some people are feeling, another paragraph explained that we are all loved in God’s eyes.  At the very end of the note, there was a Web site:  Since the Web site didn’t specify what kind of people should visit the site, I visited the site and explored it to learn more.  I found out that this free flower give away was sponsored by Campus Crusades for Christ and the Web site allows people to explore information about God and ask any questions that they may have about Him.  The site also mentions when the group meets and has video testimonials of students who started believing in God after not believing for a while.

I think that this was good PR for this organization and it’s Web site.  Giving away free things seems to always get an organization noticed.  They also chose the perfect gift (flowers) to giveaway at the perfect time (Valentine’s Day) to girls who may not get flowers on Valentine’s day.  I also think it was a smart idea to name their Web site the way that they did: Every Clemson Tiger.  Since the title doesn’t mention any sort of religious affiliation, I think that it may persuade more people to go to the site, even if they don’t attend church or believe in God.  Being a girl who enjoys receiving flowers, I think that this was a perfect way for this organization to get themselves noticed.

The note attached to the flower:

Today, you are hearing many messages from the world.  You are hearing that your value and worth are dependent on your success, your physical appearance, your relationship status, and even in the question, “Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?”  You might be experiencing several emotions: loneliness or connection; frustration or satisfaction; rejection or acceptance; feeling unattractive or beautiful; from feeling unappreciated to feeling valued…

However, your identity is not tied up in who you are or aren’t dating…your identity is not tied up in how the world tells you to view yourself… How you might feel today does not define who you are.  On this Valentine’s Day, may this floewr serve as a reminder that Jesus loves you-so much that God has declared you to be “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  Today, please know that you are invited to know Him personally and experience His love.

May your day be one of blessing and joy!  We invite you to visit

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