Your Mom Has Facebook?

For the past few months, my mom has been asking my sister and me to set up a Facebook page for her.  She said that she wanted one to get in touch with her friends from her childhood and stay connected easier.  My dad even suggested making my mom a Facebook page for one of her Christmas presents.  My sister and I keep explaining that it’s not cool for our mom to have a Facebook and that she needs to wait until it becomes more popular for older women.  However, after reading this article by Amanda Lenhart, I realized that maybe more moms have Facebook then I thought.  In a study conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project, they found that the percentage of adults that use social media has increased by 27% since 2005.  Specifically, 22% of adults have a Facebook profile.

I talk to my mom about my stakeholder communication class and I’ve tried to explain all of the new social media tools that I’ve been learning and using on a regular basis.  I don’t know if the new media that I’ve learned would be useful to her because of her profession, but I think that Facebook would be beneficial.  I think that my mom would be able to easily pick up on the do’s and don’ts of Facebook and figure out how to work her profile page.  After reading the statistics of what adults use Facebook for, I’ve realized that my mom wants to use it for the exact same reasons as other adult users.  I don’t want my mom to miss out on being a part of social media.  I want her to be able to have a Facebook because she IS a cool mom.

So… Happy Valentines Day, Mom. I’ll make you a Facebook.   🙂

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